Ticket Information

    Ticket purchased on internet is available to obtain the second day. After the payment being successfully settled, please come to the scenic spot special service window for internet ticket booking by 16:00 of the ticket-obtaining day and use your transaction code and personal ID card to obtain the formal ticket. If you are unable to come in due time, the paid money will not be returned.  Each transaction can obtain only one full-price ticket. Please forgive us for any inconvenience (if any) cause to you. Half-price ticket and group-booking tickets will enjoy no favorable price and cannot be reserved on internet.

Open Period:  6∶00~18∶00

People Who Can Enjoy Favorable Price

    Nonlocal elders with age above or of 70 years can enter the scenic spot for free by showing his/her ID card. 
    Nonlocal elders with age from 60 to 69 years can enter via favorable ticket buying by showing ID cards.
    Local elders can enter for free by showing his/her Elder Card.
    Children with height under or of 1.2meters can enter for free. Children with height from 1.2 meters to and of 1.5 meters can buy favorable tickets to enter. 
    Servicemen can enter for free by showing his/her Active Military Card.

    Reporting Hotlines for Price Service: 12358、85282309
    Complaint Hotline for Touring Service:0511-85237555
    Complaint Hotline for Local Scenic Service:0511-85511631
    Consumer Service Complaint Hotline:12315

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