Jiang Tian Yi Lan Pavilion

    At the top of Jinshan Mountain, there is a stone pavilion, called Liuyun Pavilion, also named as Jiangtian Yilan pavilion and Tunhai Pavilion. The stone tablet in the pavilion is historic items left by Kangxi Emperor of Qing Dynasty when he was accompanying his mother traveling in Jinshan Temple in more than three hundred years ago. At that time, Kangxi looker into the distance and found Yangtze River was running eastwards and at the end the sky and the river melted together and created great and splendid scenery there. Thus Kangxi Emperor vigorously took his brush and wrote down the four characters of “Jiang (the river) Tian (the sky) Yi Lan”. The pavilion was re-built in the 24th year of Kangxi Period (A.D. 1685) and was rebuilt again in the 10th year of Tongzhi Period of Qing Dynasty (A.D. 1871). Zeng Guopan, the governor of Jiangsu and Anhui provinces at that time curved the four characters in a stone tablet and placed the tablet into the pavilion. This pavilion is one of the best places to enjoy Jinshan scenery as well as to overlook the full view of Zhenjaing.

    It is said that Kangxi fluently finished the first three characters of “Jiang Tian Yi” but forgot how to write the last “Lan” since it is made up of many strokes. He didn’t want to “feel not ashamed to learn from his subordinates” but just repeated the four characters again and again but had no idea how to write. Accompanying officials realized the emperor was now in difficulty when they saw this condition but none of them dared to directly inform the emperor. One character was easy to teach, but what’s difficult was that this teaching would bring the death accusation for offending the emperor. When he was still bewildered, one of his accompanying ministers cast with a good idea, the minister kneeled down before Kangxi Emperor and said “Chen Jin Jian Jia” (means I am wanting to report you that….”, Kangxi suddenly got the hint and wrote down “Lan” freely. Because the original complex form of “Lan” is composed by three other characters including Chen, Jin, Jian). The minister skillfully broke down “Lan” to inform the emperor. Since Kangxi had stopped for a long time before he wrote down the “Lan” then “Lan” there seemed very much smaller than other three characters.

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