Miaogao Terrace

    Miaogao Terrace is also called Shaijing Terrace. Here “Miaogao”is translated from the Sanskrit of Sumeru. Story of Jinshan Mountain composed by Liubian says: “Miaogao Terrace, behind the Jialan Hall, is dug from cliffs by Foyin, the monk in Yuanyou period of Song Dynasty. It is with height of ten Zhang (a unit of length, 1 Zhang is equal to 3 and 1/3 meters) and there is pavilions on it. It is with another name of Shaijing Terrace.”The terrace has been damaged and re-built for many times. Shizhong, the monk of Ming Dynasty and Xue Shuchang of Qing Dynasty re-build it in succession. The terrace was damaged in fire together with the Jinshan Temple Main Hall and the Scriptorium in 1948 and only the standing place left now. Miaogao Terrace at that time was also a perfect place to enjoy moon sight and the story of the celebrity Su Dongpo enjoying moon sight still prevails here.

    In addition, it is said the story of “Liang Hongyu Played Drum on Jinshan Mountain to Fight Enemies” also happened there. In A.D.1130, Han Shizhong, the famous general of Southern Song Dynasty encircled tens of thousands of invading troops from Jin Dynasty in Jinshan surroundings with only his four thousand navies. His wife, Liang Hongyu played drum on Jinshan Mountain to encourage fighting morale for his soldiers and they won big success in the war. This historic story has been played in drama and left a good reputation forever!

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