The Great Buddha’s Hall

    Go out of the Hall of Heavenly Kings, you will catch sight of the erecting Great Buddha’s Hall which is the main building of Jinshan Temple. The current Hall was built from 1985 and finished in 1990. The four characters of “Da Xiong Bao Dian” (the Great Buddha’s Hall) which was highly hanged on the hall gate were written by Zhao Puchu. The Hall leans on the mountain and is with multiple eaves and carved beams and painted rafters, yellow walls and red pillars, golden colored glaze roof and white stone plinth and handrails, creating a magnificent feeling here. The hall is square with height of 25 meters and length from the front door to the back door of 24.6 meters and 36 pillars supporting the roof inside the hall. Since this hall has moved 8 meters backwards from its original place, its front courtyard is wider now. The design of the hall combines the magnificent of the palace in Northern China and the elegance and delicacy of gardens of Southern China. There are eight characters of “Zuang Yan Guo Tu, Li Le You Qing” on the outer wall of the hall. At the very middle of the inside hall, there is Sakyamuni statue, and the amitabha statue and Bhaisajyaguru statue are set at the two sides of Sakyamuni respectively, at the left and right side of the inside hall, there are 68 arhats, and at the back to the Sakyamuni statue there is the Island Goddess of Mercy statue, at whose two sides, there are religious boy and the daughter of the dragon, and at the middle, there is Deyun Bhiksu of Jinshan Temple as well as the Map of Jinshan Temple, creating attracting atmosphere. There are 56 arhats listed in the circling enclosed tent at the above part of the inside hall. The outer wall of the hall is inserted with six caved round sandalwood windows, figures caved on each windows are the historical stories and figures in related to Buddhism, among which, the three stories on three windows are about Jinshan Temple. The original hall which burnt in the big fire in the spring of 1948 was built in Ming Dynasty.

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