Water Poured Over Jinshan Temple

    Bailong cave is located at the west bottom of Jinshan Mountain. The story of “water poured over Jinshan Temple” in the battle between Madame White Snake and the Monk Fahai in the widely known folk legend of “Madame White Snake” took place there. The fairy tale of “water poured over Jinshan Temple” was touching and attractive and lasts long. The whole story is as follows: Bai Suzhen, the snake immortal of Emei Mountain, has trained and developed for thousands of years. Later, she and another snake immortal called Xiao Qing went downhill to the West Lake of Hangzhou to search the happiness in mortal world. They came across a scholar named Xu Xian. Madam White Snake and Xu Xian fell in love with each other and married later. But their happy life was detected by a monk named Fahai, and he determined to break this happy couple. Fahai deceived Xu Xian to Jinshan Mountain and Madame White Snake and Xiao Qing hurried there when they heard the news and they begged to Fahai, asking him to return her husband but their request was refused harshly. Madame White Snake and Xiao Qing then performed their spells and drawn flood as well as crab and shrimp soldiers directing to Jinshan Mountain. Fahai also performed his spells to resist. Madame White Snake then withdrawn back to Hangzhou to waited for next opportunity to fight. Xu Xian at that time escaped from Jinshan Temple through Bailong Cave and hurried to Hangzhou and came across Madame White Snake at the Broken Bridge at West Lake. And this is the content of the story “Xu Xian Escaped Bailong Cave and Met his Wife at Broken Bridges”.

    There is another version of the story as follows: Madame White Snake was pregnant when the story of water poured over Jinshan Temple happened and she was unable to conquer Fahai due to her pregnancy and was later held down at Leifeng Pagoda by Fahai, only Xiao Qing successfully escaped. Xiao Qing returned to their cave and tried to train and develop her spells. Later, Xiao Qing came back to Jinshan Mountain and won the battle between her and Fahai. Fahai failed the battle and found no place to hide himself, then with his yellow vestment on, Fahai shrank himself and concealed into the crab. At last, Madame White Snake and her husband re-united but Fahai still had to hide in the crab. And this is why the roe of the crab is the same color with that of the monk’s vestment.

    Actually the real Fahai recorded in history was not such a vicious monk. It is recorded that Fahai, with his folk family name Pei, was called mendicant Buddhist monk Pei. He was son of the prime minister Pei Xiu in feudal Tang Dynasty. At the beginning when he came to Jinshan Temple, the temple was heavily damaged and wild grass grew here and there. A white boa lived in the cliff always went out to hurt local people, making them dare not to go up the mountain to pray before Buddha. Fahai then fought the boa bravely and drove the boa to hide in Yangtze River. He made up his mind to recover the ancient temple and with the supporting of monks and local people, he built the temple and re-opened to ordinary people. Thus he was titled as “Pioneering Ancestor Pei”. After his death, his disciples curved this stone statue for him at the original stone cave he had once lived. The popular story of Madame White Snake twisted Fahai to be a sinner for thousands of years for his interference to free marriage of young peoples. Lu
Xun, the famous writer, also attacked Fahai heavily in his essay named About the Downfall of Leifeng Pagoda, ridiculing Fahai to be a worm hidden in the crab. After all which version is correct, different people have different ideas. “nobody can manage the disputes after his death, all the people here mention him as Official Cai (although he is defamed in the show” the feeling of Lu You in his poem analyzes the different evaluations of Fahai from history and from folk ideas.


    Appendix: Express Edition of Madame White Snake

    It was Qingming Days (the time for mourning ancestors), flowers blossomed and willows green on the banks of West Lake, and endless travelers walking through the Broken Bridge, all this sceneries formed a radiant and enchanting picture in the spring. Suddenly, two pretty girls rose from the bottom of West Lake. What’s up? How can a person rise from the water? However, they were two snake immortals in human appearance. Although they were snakes but they were without vicious mind, they came here just because they admired the colorful life in the earth. One of them was named Bai Suzhen and the other Xiao Qing; they came to travel here around the West Lake. Then suddenly, the heavens lost his temper and heavy rains fell suddenly. Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing found no place to get out of the rain. Anyway, when they were worried about it, they felt an umbrella was spreading on their head and looked backwards, they found a young scholar, gentle and cultivated, bright and elegant, was holding an umbrella for them. Bai Suzhen and the scholars met each other and their faces got red simultaneously at once and they fell in love with each other. Xiao Qing realized this and said “thanks but please tell me your honored name” to disturbed. “My name is Xu Xian and I am residing near to the Broken Bridge”. The scholar replied. Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing then introduced themselves respectively. From then, they met frequently and the affection between Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian became more and more intimate and they married soon and opened a drugstore named “Bai He Tang”, they lived really a happy life then.

    Since many a difficult and miscellaneous diseases were successfully cured in Bao He Tang at no cost for drugs and disease-diagnosis. The business of the drugstore became more and more flourishing, more and more patients came from long distance to here asking Bai Suzhen for disease-curing. Bai Suzhen was then amiably called Madame Bai (means white). But the flourishing business of Bai He Tang and the happy life of the couple annoyed a person. Who? He was the monk Fahai of Jinshan Temple. All disease were cured by the couple, then few patients were willing to pray at Jinshan Temple and then business there were weak and thus Fahai became unhappy. That day, he went to Bai He Tang again and he saw that Madam Bai was diagnosing, he could not help to become angry, looking Madam Bai again, My God! Fahai found that Madam Bai was not ordinary person but was transformed from a snake!
    Fahai mastered some spells, but he lacked sincerity. Realized the real identity of Madame Bai, he dreamed to break the couple and their drugstore. Then he called Xu Xian to Jinshan Temple without being detected and said: “Your wife is transformed from a snake; you should break up with her as soon as possible! Otherwise, she will eat you!” hearing these words, Xu Xian got angry, he thought that my wife was kind-hearted and loved my even deeper than the depth of the sea. Even though she was a snake, she would not hurt me. Furthermore, she was now on the family way, how can I depart her! Fahai got angry when he realized that Xu Xian hadn’t been cheated and he locked Xu Xian at the temple. At Bao He Tang, Madame Bai was anxiously waiting for Xu Xian. One day, two days, she waited and waited and got more and more anxious. Finally, she got the news that Xu Xian was locked in Jinshan Temple by Fahai, she and Xiao Qing then hurried to Jinshan Temple and begged sincerely before Fahai, requesting him to release Xu Xian. But Fahai sneered for a while when he met Madame Bai and said: “Your savage snake, I think you should leave the mortal world as soon as possible, otherwise I will be unreservedly to you!” Be aware of Fahai’s refusal, Madam Bai had no better choice but to take off her golden hairpin and wave it facing the wind then surging surfs arose and directed for Jinshan Temple. Fahai then took off his vestment and the vestment transformed to be a long beach guarding at the temple gate. The higher the flood rose, the higher the long beach rose. No matter how strong the wind and flood was, they couldn’t pass then beach. In addition, Madame Bai was pregnant at that time and she had no better method to win the battle. At last, Fahai collected the Madame Bai into his golden alms bowl by cheating method and place the golden alms bowl under Leifeng Pagoda and broke crudely the happy couple of Madame Bai and Xu Xian.

    Xiao Qing escaped successfully from Jinshan Temple and continued to develop her spells in remote mountains for tens of years and she finally defeated Fahai and impelled him into the crab and rescued Madame Bai. From then on, Madame Bai, Xu Xian and their child lived a happy life together and never departed from each other.

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