The General Yue Fei Visit Daoyue at Qifeng Mountain

    It happened in Southern Song Dynasty. Yuedao, the Buddhist abbot of Jinshan Temple was well-learned and could foretell the future, but he was a strange man and refused to live in the special room for the living and meditating for former abbots but chose to put up a shed at the bottom of Qifeng Mountain to meditate there to build his personality.
    One year, Yue Fei, guiding his 100,000 military troops, was fighting against troops from Jin kingdom and they fought from the southern area in Yangtze River to the Zhuxian Town in Hebei Province. Enemies were in great fear of Yue’s Troops and called them “Grandpa Yue”. When the general Yue Fei is leading his troops to fight with hot pursuit following up his victory, aiming to fight directly into the Huanglong state, emperor of Song Dynasty at that time, mislead by the traitor minister, Qin Hui , issued three imperial edict and twelve gold medal, urging Yue Fei back to the capital Lin’an (nowadays Hangzhou). Yue Fei had no other choice but to guide his accompanying officials back to Lin’an urgently. Their boats had to stop at the foot of Jinshan Mountain when passed by Zhenjiang since the wind was very strong. That night, Yue Fei fell asleep dimly at the cabin. At around midnight, he saw two dogs talking at the boat head but disappeared suddenly. Yue Fei was bewildered and couldn’t fall asleep again. He knew that the front is Jinshan Mountain and the abbot Daoyue master was good friend of his master. Why not visit him the next day? 

  In the next morning, Yue Fei, guiding his entourage Wang Heng, together with several other generals and officials, left their boats and loaded onto Jinshan Temple to visit Daoyue. Yue Fei told his dream at last night during their talk and asked for the warning of it. Listened Yue’s words, Daoyue sighed and said “Your journey to Lin’an is full of disaster! Two dogs barking means prison (狱 in Chinese is formed by 犬,言,犬, where 犬 means dogs and 言 means talk”), you will be imprisoned! Currently, Qin Hui, the traitor minister controls the whole imperial court and the emperor is decrepit and muddle-headed. In my opinion, you should not go!” Yue then asked “How can I not go? “And Daoyue replied “There are many solutions. You can become a monk or return to your camp at once. But you should cultivate virgin land at your troop’s location and put garrison there to fight against enemies from invading southwards and then bring peace to the whole nation and get free from the restraint of the emperor.” Yue Fei, thought for a long time after hearing his words, said “I have to follow up emperor’s order, even though it will bring disaster to me, I will still go to the capital”. Daoyu persuaded him again and again but Yue refuses his suggestion. Daoyue had to see him off with eyes full of tears and Daoyue send Yue a poem for departing:

    Don’t be anxious about your journey, my commander,
    How can you cool down without checking meaning of gold medals?
    Fengbo pavilion is full of quarrels,
    Take care to be clear in brain,
    Be cautious that your fellow officials
    From pushing you into disaster
    Be aware, surfs are rising from the sea surface,
    Running surfs can bring incidents!

    Yue Fei stored his poem and directed his accompanying forward to Lin’an. Traitors directed by Qin Hui imprisoned Yue by “non-existing” accusation. Several days later, Yue Fei and his son Yue-Yun and his entourage Wang Heng were killed at Fengbo pavilion. Yue Fei looked above into the sky and sighed before his death: “I am so regret that I should take Daoyue’s advice”. The executioner reported to Qin Hui after Yue Fei was killed. Qin Hui asked “what Yue Fei said before death?” and the executioner said “he just said that he should take Daoyue’s advice”. Qin then dispatched his entourage He Li, instructing many other staffs, to investigate Daoyue. When He Li heard that Daoyue was abbot of Jinshan Temple of Zhenjiang, he arrived urgently into the temple and saw Daoyue was lecturing Buddhism to his monks. He Li then instructed his troops to siege Jinshan Temple. He thought it was not too late to catch Daoyue when he finished his lecturing. But Dao Yue, after finished his lecture, passed away unhurriedly and lefet only a scripture, saying:

    Forty-nine years old I am now,
    Involved into disaster finally,
    Not due to my own fault in behavior,
    But for my words,
    He Li came from the imperial court,
    And I will leave for the western world,
    But for the powerful Buddha,
    I will fell into other’s hand!

    He Li came back to report to Qinhui with this scripture and informed Qin that there was a Qifeng Mountain in Jinshan Temple with good geographical location and eminent monks appear now and then. Qin got very angry and instructed staffs at once to level Qifeng Mountain and fill the Beileng spring.

    New abbot succeed Daoyue’s place is Yuanwu who was also well-learned and full of thought. In his mind, Qin Hui can level the mountain and fill the spring, but he can’t level people’s mind and memory to national hero will last forever! He built a new pavilion at the original location of Qifeng Mountain with seven attics with collected money. By now, these seven attics still exists. Travelers visiting Jinshan Temple will remind the story of Yue Fei and his death when they saw the Qifeng pavilion here.

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